Saturday July 6, 2019 Nordic Trax at Open Studios: NT100! Featuring... Jay Tripwire Gavin Froome [Live PA] Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller(THE Dreaded Soul) Luke McKeehan, Botej & guests Another summertime special from your friends at Nordic Trax.

We'll be celebrating our 100th release and 22 years of moving the dancefloor with an all-star line-up of Vancouver artists.

Our set list:

Cosplay - Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller Un-released

The Slightest Touch (Chicken lips Remix) - Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller

Stay - Fred Everything (feat. Tim Fuller) (Dozas LCG West Dub)

Caught - Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller

New Beginnings - Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller Un-released

Sometimes - Miguel Migs featuring Tim Fuller

The Release - Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller

Cheap Advice (Chuck Love Remix) - Sean Dimitrie Tim Fuller

Show Me Right (Spirit Catcher Remix) - Aly Meghji & Tim Fuller

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Listen to The Slightest Touch full album: