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RED Camera Systems

To my pool of thought stream, rants, raves, product reviews, and feature post of my content, dipping my toe into the bloggers world. Funny thing this URL originally started a blog 10 years ago and later after I started my production company I made into the companies name and website.

A little about me I am music industry veteran, musician, DJ, producer, label owner, and record collector for over 25 years who transitioned into photography, and video production as a full time career. I feel these two skills sets compliment each other perfectly and editing video is not a far stretch from editing music.

 I have been shooting on Sony A7 series cameras doing music videos, commercials and YouTube content for the last 5 years and feel it is time to step-up to RAW video capture. I feel the limitations in my current workflow are disappointing after stepping up my photography game in the last few years that I yearn for the same image quality with my video.

With the recent price drop in the RED cameras, the possibility is now within reach, and after looking around on craigslist there has been a few postings for RED packages, most notably the RED Scarlet MX and RED Epic Dragon. Finding good quality information on these systems is a little difficult to understand the different bodies, upgrades, and accessories that such camera bodies come with.

 Both packages are charging for about the same amount but with different accessories, not ever have used these I am little confused about the best package for my needs, I would like scratch audio on camera with the option of having actual audio with lav or shotgun mics recorded on camera, I would also like to jam synch with field recorders for ease of syncing sound and picture in post. I also would like to shoot at some high frame rates of 120 fps at 4k,  have the best possible image with low light scenarios, I would like the options of shooting in RED Raw and well as shooting a Apple Pro-Res proxy at the same time.

I am hoping to start a discussion on the cameras that would best suit these needs, if there are RED users, what have you learnt about using these cameras? Is there some trap(s) you could help us avoid? or any tips in what to look for workflow ease?