Yeah the word evokes a glamorous jet set life style from international party to party where you are the life of the party being fawned over by lovely women and men dressed in hi style and the party favors never end…. How wrong could that be maybe if your Bono or of equal status that may be the case but for the rest of smucks trying to carve a modest living out of the music industry that isn’t even close to being the truth, maybe more so for the super star DJ’s but even then there is just a a lot of waiting around at airports, hotels and promoters houses waiting for something to happen, and your crazy enough to be one of many musicians in a band well then there isn’t even flights there’s tour bus and more likely a van or car!

I just came back from another outing with Janet Panic (The last one if your keeping up to date on the blog was a grueling 13 hour drive starting after a 8 hour work shift at Fortune ending at 2:00am, only to get there and have rehearsals till 1o pm sleep and play the next night and get in the car and drive another 13 hours home.) This time I was too busy to drive( ;) with the band as I had a rehearsal on Thursday the July 7th at 8:45 am with the Quest Poetics, and then a show at the Biltmore the same evening at 11:30pm, yet another show at the Commodore with QP the following evening with sound check starting at(supposedly) at 5:30pmĀ  (we waited around till 7:45pm) doors at 8:pm and then the show at 9:30pm….after show a little meet and greet with “foundation and family” then we where asked to kindly get our shit out of the Commodore in the next 45 minutes so the elevator was free for Mr. Marley, as I parked a million miles away I had to run out grab my truck drive back into the ally go upstairs load all my shit into the elevator send it down run around back load it into my truck and then find parking walk back to the Commodore and have a little more meet and greet, and band bonding.

Finally left the Commodore drove to pick up my room mate at his friends drive home pack my shit for the next 3 nights on the road with Janet and call a cab(now my Fido phone doesn’t go to yellow cab it gets re-directed to Fido to make a minimum payment of $230. so I can make a call) to get me to me to the airport in time to pass security and get me on my 7:00am flight on west jet to Calgary, I made the payment called a cab and jumped in totally knackerd. Check in and go through security and get on the 1 hour flight pass out for for what seemed like 10 minutes only to be woken by a stern voice calling me “sir” you need to get off the plane retrieve my bags and fall into a friends car and proceed to drive 4 hours north to Pembina find the Pembina Rivers Lodge and have a rehearsal with t Janet and Jay in the motel room no time to shower or change and get in the truck drive 45 minutes to the festival sight and perform for 30 minutes whew! Have a quick bite get back in the truck drive 45 minutes back to the lodge eat some spaghetti and meat balls and fall asleep for a much needed rest. Get back up get into the car and drive another 4 hours south back to Calgary and do sound check at the next show eat some tacos and play again till 11pm…geezuz!!

You get the picture?

The T-shirt say:

Music Is My Business” living the good life”

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  1. Sera says:

    Sounds like Thierry’s life, except that he is a rocket scientist -

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