Travels 2

I was chatting with a friend last night over a bottle of wine and we started to exchange “travel night mares” trying to out do each other with our stories, this gave me the idea that it might be fun to share some on here. Being a musician I have taken my fair share of trips to exotic locals and sleazy places all around the world, and of course had some interesting experiences with other people while being placed less then 6 inches from each other while in flight.

One that comes to mind I find funny now but not so funny at the time was when I was flying back from Nice France on the way home from attending MIDEM in Cannes. (This was about the time the SARS scare was in full effect)

I had never been to France before attending this conference and had only heard great things about the South of France so I packed accordingly and had just flown in from a show in LA so my attire was “spring like” and the weather was like Vancouver in February…cold, rainy, windy, you get the idea. Also while there and having only 5 days to “speed meet” as many possible partners I didn’t get much sleep because of the jet lag I got really sick.

The flight home was torture as I was feverish and my Immune system was obviously lowered so when I landed in Heathrow airport seeing all the SARS posters along with international travelers wearing respiratory masks I feared being exposed to SARS and my body not being able to fight off the virus. The next half of my journey was flying from London to Vancouver, I was seated in a 3 seat section with me in the isle seat and an elderly couple seated to my right on the middle seat was the women in her 70′s and her husband at the window seat. About an hour into the 8 hour flight the women obviously shit her pants and was stewing in her Diaper, Mean while I was hiding under the blanket with a small air hole opened for breathing. I asked the stewardess to be moved by but was denied, at one point I looked over at the husband and he gave me a sympathetic glance mixed with embarrassment…

By the time I got home I was so sick I called an ambulance from bed, when the paramedic showed up and after having a look at me, he said I was just wickedly dehydrated and should drink some Gator Aid.

Did you know calling an ambulance in Canada cost you $50.?

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